Something For Nothing

Just because we are nice people, the weather is so good and we beat the West Indies at Cricket (can't imagine how) we are giving away a Sewline Fabric Glue Pen with every order of Paper Pieces $50.00 or more. This applies to anything on the Paper Piecing page, including actual pieces, books or kitsets or other things. You don't have to add a Glue Pen to your order, I will just include in the parcel.  Get buying over here

Christmas Colours in Fat Quarter Bundles

It's time to get moving if you want to get something finished for Christmas. You just might have something in your stash like this but I bet you just can't find it. Of course it is all at our special price, 2 for $40, so it is not really worth making your stash untidy. When you order two or more from this page, the price will be adjusted at the checkout. Hop over to the Christmas Colours page here.

Other Christmas Fabric   

To help out with those projects that take smaller pieces of lots of coulours we have made up some mixed Christmas bundles. Click here to have a wee peek at them.

Christmas Projects

To save you spending too much on outlandish presents from the Warehoue we have a great range of Christmas Projects at rediculous prices. Click here to check out our range.