Dear Jane Project

Line 1 of Bobby's Dear Jane Quilt

 We have launched a new paper-pieced project - Dear Jane. According to our sources, the original Dear Jane quilt was made in the late 1800's by one Jane A Stickle.  The multi-talented  Brenda Manges Papadakis  wrote the definative history of Jane and her quilt in 1996 and the clever people at Paper Piecing have now created a set of paper pieces that allow you to create a vibrant precise quilt that is guaranteed to work.  

How it Works

The completed quilt is 225 units, each 4.1/2 inches square which makes a quilt 85 inches square. There are 13 rows and you purchase a pack of paper pieces for each row and 5 additional for borders and corners. However, not everyone requires a quilt that size and you can make smaller quilts by purchasing fewer packs.  For practical reasons, we will need you to order and pay up front and we will get the product in for you and ship it to you. If you would like to do this as a block of the month we require 2 months notice if you wish to cancel. 

Getting Started.

To get started you need the Dear Jane book and some packets of paper-pieces. Each packet of paper-pieces explains how to them to make a fool-proof Dear Jane quilt.

Block of The Month. 

If you would like to do Dear Jane as a BOM, please contact using the form at the bottom of this page.

Dear Jane Quilt Components 

Contact Form for Dear Jane BOM

Line 1 of Bobby's Dear Jane Quilt