Inspired by Tongaporutu Beach Challenge

Vote for Your Favourite

Acknowledge the hard work done by the talented quilters who entered our challenge by voting for your favourite.

Here's how it works....

  • Each entry is displayed with it's title but not the quilter's name.
  • At the bottom there is a message box for you to tell us your vote.  


Entry A - "Glorious Days Before We Knew about Melanomas and Holes in the Ozone Layer"


Entry B - "Amazing Rock"



Entry C - "Elephant at a Waterhole"



Entry D - "Rocks and Roots"


Entry E - "Tongaporutu Variations"


Entry F - "Tongaporutu Beach"


Entry G - "Tongaporutu Beach"


Entry H - "Wild West Coast Beach"


Entry I - "Images of Tongaporutu"


Entry J - "Tongaporutu Inspiration"


Entry K - "Eye of the Elephant"


Entry L - "Through the Arches"


Now, vote for your favourite.  

In the message area tell us your favourite. Please keep it short, "Entry Z" would be a good example.