Lake to Mountain Challenge

Iconic landscape Challenge 2018 - "Lake to Mountains"

It's that time of year again - we announce our 2018 Iconic Landscape Challenge - this time to be inspired by Taupo and The Mountains. This is your big opportunity to win $250  in cash for the first prize and two $100 fabric vouchers for merit prizes.

 In case you have forgotten, here is how it works.

  • You buy a $20.00 entry kit that comprises: A photograph, A piece of our fabric and an entry form with the conditions.
  • You make a 15 x 15 inch wall hanging comprising of three layers, the design of which  is "inspired by" the supplied photograph and has a visible piece of the supplied fabric.
  • Submit your inspired piece by 24 October 2018 - That just after Labour Weekend so you have buckets of time and can still have the fun of panicking over the weekend.
  • The challenge will be judged by viewers' choice at the Taranaki Quilt Exhibition and then through our website.

Now that is easy enough, so buy an entry kit and get started!

Get your Challenge Entry Here