Optical IIlusions

We love doing geometric paper-pieced kitsets and here is a new one for you. This is based on half-hexagons and diamonds and is really easy to do. This wall-hanging will really brighten up your room. The finished size is 40 x 61 cm (or 15.5 x 24 inched in old money).

Click here to go the kitsets page and buy one.

Set of Hues and Shades

As well as all the other coloured fabric we stock we have added sets of Hues and Shades. These are created by careful blending of the dye primaries and, for Shades, some black. These all come from the same dyes and are perfectly compatible for your projects.

Hop over here to see them.


10% Off Hexagons

Those hexagons have been breeding again - so we are putting the Hexagons on sale till 31 August.

Get in and get all the hexagons you can eat here.


10% off Glue Pens

If you are going do hexagons you need a Sewline Glue Pen to make it easy. Just the littlest wipe of glue hold the fabric until you are ready to staitch the shapes to gether. Amazingly cunning. Slide over here for a glue pen.