A 100-Day Challenge

Struggling Artist

Bobby's 100-Day Diary - " A Hundred Days of Text on Fabric"

In 2018 Bobby completed a 100-day challenge. Each day she made a 6 x 6 inch picture using thickened dye on fabric and mounted it on a stretched canvas. Along the journey Bobby kept a diary in which she jotted thoughts about art, life and managing the challenge. Inspired to share her experience with other artists we have published her diary including a picture of each day's canvas.

The diary is, suprisingly enough, 100 A5 pages of colour photos each with Bobby's thoughts about the picture, with the usual sections at the front and end of the book. It has been printed commercially via a digital process. This is an original piece of New Zealand art literature and may be the only first edition book you will ever own!

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Struggling Artist