Graduated Fabric Sets - All colours

Graduated Fabric sets are made using reducing intensities of the same dye formula. Colours vary from intense to pastel. The general colour is repeatable, but due to the hand-dying process, patterns are unique. Like all dyed materials, colours can vary between batches. If you need lots for a project, order it all at once.

Sets are available in fat-quarters and half-metres. If you order more than 1 set of any colour we will send either 2 fat-quarters sets or 1 half-metres set, depending on what is in stock. Use the notes section of the order if its important one way or another. If there is any doubt, we will ask!  This allows us to calculate postage more accurately for our NZ and overseas customers.   

If you need a piece longer than a half metre, or want just one of a set, we can dye to order. Minimum charges apply. Contact us through the contact page to get more information.  With our money-back guarantee you can buy with confidence.

Complete Collection of Graduated Sets