Cleo's Designs

Cleo Mounday

Cleo Mounday draws on her background of photography, Interior Decorating and the love of gardening to inspire people to look around them to find colors they love and put them into their life through clothing and quilts. Her patterns are sold in quilt shops around the world. Cleo has won many awards through the years for her sewing abilities. Awards also included the 100 Quilts Magazine and Quilters Newsletter.

Cleo joined the Wichita Prairie Quilt Guild in 1993. She became president of the 900 member guild in 2003-04. Cleo moved from Interior Decorating to pattern design in 2006 and is enjoying every minute of the design world. She enjoys sharing her talent by lecturing and giving workshops.

Here are some of Cleo's beautiful patterns that we just could not resist.