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Thermofax Screen Making Service

Some years ago Bobby purchased a Thermofax Screen printer and has now decided to offer this as an add-on service that we provide. Thermofax screens are like robust "silk" screens that take a monochrome (usually Black and White) image and make a positive screen from it. 

Here's how it works:

  • You send us a B&W image up to A4 size either in hard-copy or electronically.

  • We make a copy using our laser-printer and then create a Thermofax screen

  • All screens have duct tape added to protect the edge.

  • A firm plastic frame is provided if requested.

Still confused? - Watch the video on the right side. Ignore the issue that it about clothing - It is the easiest follow video we could find.

Prices - including postage

A4    No Frame  $25.00    With Frame     $40.00

A5    No Frame  $14.00    With Frame     $24.00 

What next:

Send an email to Bobby, or phone her on 04-2933-794 to discuss your requirements  

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